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As spring dawns, the great thaw begins. Deep beneath the lush meadow grasses the queen stirs in her nest and the colony comes to life. Soldiers venture forth, battling centipedes while clashing with opposing colonies for territory. Workers dig an ever-expanding network of tunnels in their tireless search for food.

The first larvae hatch and it is clear this generation will be different: the young colonies rapidly evolve into a multitude of new forms. Mutate your colony with special evolution cards like the Trap Jaw head, Weaver thorax, and Leaf Cutter abdomen. What weird and wondrous path will your colony’s evolution take: advanced Workers, fearsome Soldiers, or a fertile Queen?



Populate new territory by breeding larvae and marching your ants onto collection sites. Will you engage competing colonies in battle, seeking to claim the land for yourself? Or will you establish peaceful, symbiotic relationships and share the spoils?

Emerge triumphant by scoring Colony Points as your ants explore and control the Meadow. Search for Colony Goals like Epic Stores, Followers of the Eyeless, and Extensive Tunnels to plan your route to victory!






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  Title Arrival Date MSRP

Ghost Stories: Black Secret Expansion

Rise Together - Or Die Together! Unite your forces to prevent the return of the Damned with a Thousand Faces in Ghost Stories, Asmodee Editions' spirited, cooperative board game of Taoists and terror!

3/24/2015 $46.99

Clockwork Kingdom

The King is Dead! Long Live the King! Time is of the essence to find his successor in Mr. B. Games'Clockwork Kingdom!

3/24/2015 $59.99

Arboretum Card Game

Life is a Breeze! Plant the seeds to victory in Z-Man Games' Arboretum.

3/23/2015 $19.99

Colonial Gothic: The Player Companion

Continue your journey through Rogue Games' world of supernatural, historical horror during the dawn of the American Revolution withColonial Gothic: The Player Companion.

3/20/2015 $17.99

Star Wars LCG: Ready for Takeoff Force Pack

Pilot your starfighters to glory withReady for Takeoff, the first Force Pack in the Rogue Squadron Cyclefor Fantasy Flight's Star Wars: The Card Game.

3/19/2015 $14.95

Star Munchkin Deluxe

In Space, No One Can Hear You Squee! Blast Off to the Final Frontiers of Insanity - and Beyond - with thisDeluxe Edition of Steve Jackson'sStar Munchkin!

3/19/2015 $29.95

March of the Ants

Spring Has Sprung! Explore, forage, evolve, and march your way to victory in March of the Ants, Weird City Games' dynamic strategy board game set in the world of ants.

3/18/2015 $45.00

Iron Kingdoms Unleashed RPG Adventure Kit

Go Primal! Let loose your bestial nature with Privateer Press' Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Roleplaying Game Adventure Kit!

3/18/2015 $44.99

Through the Breach RPG: Penny Dreadful - In Defense of Innocence

Decide the Future of Innocence with the first Penny Dreadful for Wyrd Miniatures' Through the Breach RPG.

3/18/2015 $20.00

Steam Torpedo: First Contact

Build Your Submarine! Rule the Seas! Lead your side to ultimate victory inSteam Torpedo: First Contact,Iello's head-to-head, tactical submarine battle game!

3/17/2015 $29.99

Bolt Action: Armoured Fury - Tank War Box Set

Amass your armored forces and smash aside the tanks of the enemy inArmoured Fury, Warlord Games' strategic, tabletop miniatures game of fully armored warfare for use with the award-winning historical war game, Bolt Action.

3/17/2015 PI

Legendary Villains DBG: Marvel Fear Itself Expansion

There's nothing to fear except Fear Itself, the first expansion for Upper Deck's Legendary Villains: A Marvel Deck Building Card Game.

3/12/2015 PI

Deus Vult: Shadow Societies

Know Your Enemy! Strike out into the darkness with Shadow Societies, an adversarial sourcebook for Deus Vult.

3/11/2015 $19.99

Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters: Battle for Faerun

WizKids Games' Battle for Faerunbrings Dice Masters Collectible Dice Building to the tabletop arena with this all-new, head-to-head competitive game set in theDungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms universe!

3/11/2015 PI

Love Letter: The Hobbit

Claim the Arkenstone in AEG's Love Letter: The Hobbit!

3/10/2015 $10.99

Pandemic: State of Emergency

Don't Panic! Save humanity in a State of Emergency with this global-spanning expansion to Z-Man Games'Pandemic!

3/10/2015 $39.99

Love Letter: Batman Edition

The Inmates Are Running The Asylum! Cleanse the mean streets of Gotham of the criminal element as the Dark Knight Detective in AEG's Love Letter: Batman!

3/9/2015 $10.99

Smash Up: Pretty Pretty Smash Up

Kill 'Em With Kindness! AEG's Pretty Pretty Smash Up brings the sweetest factions ever to the vicious fight for victory!

3/9/2015 $19.99

13th Age RPG: Eyes of the Stone Thief

Slay the Dungeon - before it kills you - in Eyes of the Stone Thief, a monstrous campaign for Pelgrane Press' 13th Age RPG!

3/9/2015 $49.95

Warhammer 40,000: Conquest - Zogwort's Curse War Pack

Unleash the power of Waaagh! withZogwort's Curse, the fourth War Pack in the Warlord Cycle for Fantasy Flight's Warhammer 40,000: Conquest.

3/6/2015 $14.95

Achtung! Cthulhu RPG: Interface 19.40

Evil Never Dies...It Evolves! Modiphius'Achtung! Cthulhu: Interface 19.40 unleashes a variant, Mythos-fueled history for the Interface 2.0: Full Metal Cyberpunk setting.

3/6/2015 $32.99

Achtung! Cthulhu RPG: Terrors of the Secret War

Sift through the murkiest depths and uncover the mightiest terrors of the Mythos with Terrors of the Secret War, a monstrous sourcebook for Modiphius' Achtung! Cthulhu RPG.

3/6/2015 $28.99

Mutant: Year Zero RPG Core Rules

Heirs of Humanity! Immerse yourself into the near-future, post-apocalyptic wasteland of Modiphius' Mutant: Year Zero, roleplaying at the End of Days!

3/6/2015 $57.99

Shadow Throne

Rule from the shadows in Shadow Throne, a fast-paced drafting game of Machiavellian intrigue.

3/6/2015 $25.00


Hop To It! Leap into action and lead your battalion to victory in Thunderworks Games' Bullfrogs!

3/5/2015 $29.95

Quiddler Deluxe Edition

For the FUN of Words! Quiddler, the award-winning short word card game, is now available in a Deluxe version!

3/5/2015 PI

But Wait, There's More! Party Game

Pitch Perfect! Pitch crazy contraptions in a hilarious fun-for-all contest to be the best TV pitchman with Toy Vault'sBut Wait, There's More! Party Game.

3/4/2015 $24.99

Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy Miniatures: Icons of the Realms Set 2 - Elemental Evil Booster

Wage war against prophets, monsters, and elemental creatures to thwart their devious plans withElemental Evil, WizKids/NECA's exciting, new Icons of the Realmsline of D&D Miniatures!

3/4/2015 PI

Tales & Games: The Grasshopper and the Ant

Iello's Tales & Games line brings classic fables and family fun for everyone to your tabletop.

3/3/2015 $29.99

GTM #181

Got Game? Get GTM! And, check out the third installment of an exclusive Pathfinder Goblins comic from Dynamite Entertainment!

3/2/2015 $3.99

Pathfinder Module: Daughters of Fury

Unleash Your Fury! Survive hell-tainted orcs and deadly devils inDaughters of Fury, the winning entry of Paizo's 2014 RPG Superstar Contest!

2/27/2015 $24.99

Savage Worlds RPG: East Texas University

Enroll At Your Own Risk! Face your fears, fight the darkness, and protect your campus in East Texas University, a setting sourcebook for Pinnacle's Savage Worlds system.

2/27/2015 $24.99

Call of Cthulhu LCG: For the Greater Good Deluxe Expansion

Serve as Humanity's Shield against the hidden cults and monsters that seek to pave the way for their dark masters to bring our world to ruin and fight for The Greater Good in this deluxe expansion for Fantasy Flight'sCall of Cthulhu: The Card Game.

2/26/2015 $29.95

Castle Dice: More Castles Expansion

Expand your empire in your quest to become the new heir to the throne with More Castles, the first expansion to Fun To 11's critically acclaimed, dice-building fantasy game, Castle Dice.

2/26/2015 $34.99

Flea Market

Hidden Treasures! Head on over to the Flea Market for fun and profit in Mayfair Games' bargain-hunting dice game.

2/26/2015 $21.00

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: From Hell's Heart Adventure Deck

Devil to Pay! A devilish invading armada is bent on subjugating the islands of the Shackles in From Hell's Heart, the culminating Adventure Deck for Paizo's Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Skull & Shackles.

2/26/2015 $19.99

Pathfinder Adventure Path: Giantslayer Part 1 - Battle of Bloodmarch Hill

Bow Down Before the Storm Tyrant!Battle of Bloodmarch Hill kicks off Paizo's Giantslayer Adventure Path, an epic Pathfinder campaign of classic sword & sorcery thrills!

2/26/2015 $22.99

DC Comics Deck Building Game: Crisis Expansion Pack 2

The DC Universe is in peril...again!Crisis Expansion Pack 2 delivers new challenges and depth to your DC Comics Deck-building Game!

2/25/2015 $20.00

Golden Egg Games Product

Florenza! Historia! Super Fantasy! Check out Golden Egg Games' selection of in-stock board games, now available to order through Alliance.

2/25/2015 PI

Rattus Cartus: The Card Game

Reign Amidst the Panic! Uncover and recruit (or exterminate) the scheming rats plaguing your kingdom in IDW Games' Rattus Cartus: The Card Game.

2/25/2015 $39.99

Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Belkzen, Hold of the Orc Hordes

Blood and Brutality! Conquer and scavenge (if you dare!) Belkzen, Hold of the Orc Hordes, with this Campaign Setting sourcebook for Paizo's Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

2/25/2015 $19.99
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