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Games Just Released

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  Title Arrival Date MSRP

Thunderstone Advance: Worlds Collide

Battle for survival in a world of ancient evil and darkness in AEG's Thunderstone Advance: Worlds Collide!

04/10/1014 $49.99

The Big Idea

Capitalize on fun with The Big Idea, Passport Game Studios' party game of crazy inventions!

04/10/1014 $24.99


Smoke & Mirrors! Magic is in the air as you take center stage in your quest to become the most profound prestidigitator in the world in Passport Game Studios' Illusio.

04/09/1014 $24.99

Daemon Dice Starter Set

Go To Hell! Test your mettle in the Infernal Arena with SFR, Inc.'s Daemon Dice Starter Set!

04/09/1014 $19.95

Fairy Tale

Neverending Story! Weave a path to victory and your "Happily Ever After" in Z-Man Games' Fairy Tale.

04/09/1014 $19.99

Kobolds Ate My Baby RPG! In Color!

All Hail, King Torg! Being cannon fodder has never been this much fun with 9th Level Games' Kobolds Ate My Baby!, the classic Beer & Pretzels roleplaying game - now In Glorious Color!

04/08/1014 $23.00

Hive: Pillbug Expansion

Protect The Hive! The Pillbug Expansion for Team Components' award-winning Hive is abuzz with possibilities!

04/08/1014 $12.35

Seasons: Path of Destiny

Master the fickle whims of fate in Seasons: Path of Destiny, the latest expansion for Asmodee's board game of scrumming, seasoned, spell-slinging sorcerers!

04/07/1014 $24.99

The Walking Dead Board Game: The Best Defense - Woodbury Expansion

Welcome to Woodbury! Hope you make it out alive! The Woodbury Expansion to Cryptozoic's The Walking Dead Board Game: The Best Defense brings a whole new challenge to an already desperate group of Survivors.

04/03/1014 $12.95

The Doom That Came To Atlantic City

The Stars Are Right for the Apocalypse! In The Doom That Came To Atlantic City, Cryptozoic's light-hearted board game of urban destruction set in the universe of H.P. Lovecraft, there’s only one world — and everyone wants to destroy it!

04/02/1014 $75.00

Loonacy: The Maniacal Matching Card Game

Speed of the hand and luck of the draw determine the winner in Loonacy, Looney Labs’ maniacal matching card game!

04/01/1014 $15.00

Descent Journeys in the Dark Second Edition: Shadow of Nerekhall

Journey Into Shadow! Delve deep into a dark and insidious mystery in the Shadow of Nerekhall, a campaign expansion for Descent Journeys in the Dark Second Edition.

03/31/2014 $59.95

Pathfinder Module: Tears At Bitter Manor

Hope Against Hope! A swirling maelstrom of horror and tragedy plague the Tears At Bitter Manor, a deluxe urban mystery adventure for Paizo's Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

03/31/2014 $24.99

Lewis & Clark: The Expedition

Relive the exciting voyages and step into the shoes of the greatest explorers the world has ever known in Asmodee's Lewis & Clark: The Expedition.

03/28/2014 $49.99

Android Netrunner LCG: Double Time Data Pack

The Stakes Are High! It's time to double down with Double Time, the sixth and final Data Pack in the Spin Cycle for Fantasy Flight's Android: Netrunner!

03/28/2014 $14.95

Pathfinder Player Companion: Champions of Balance

Even the odds and tip the scales in your favor with Paizo's Pathfinder Player Companion: Champions of Balance.

03/28/2014 $12.99

Formula D: Expansion 5 - New Jersey / Sotchi

Need For Speed! Jump into the driver's seat of a Formula One racer and fly through the streets of Russia's Sochi Olympic Village in this latest expansion track for Asmodee's Formula D!

03/27/2014 $29.99

Star Wars: The Card Game - Heroes and Legends Force Pack

May The Force Be With You! Explore the power of the Force and its impact and effects on the galaxy in Heroes and Legends, the first Force Pack in the Echoes of the Force Cycle for Fantasy Flight's Star Wars: The Card Game.

03/27/2014 $14.95

Star Wars RPG: Edge of the Empire - The Jewel of Yavin

Scrape together a crew and prepare for the heist of a lifetime in Jewel of Yavin, the latest adventure supplement for Fantasy Flight's Star Wars RPG: Edge of the Empire RPG.

03/27/2014 $29.95

Lords of Vegas: Up! Expansion

Rise to the Occasion! Stay ahead of the competition and build your empire along Sin City's storied Strip in Up!, the first expansion to Mayfair Games' Lords of Vegas!

03/27/2014 $25.00

Pathfinder Adventure Path: Mummy's Mask Part 1 - The Half-Dead City

Mum's The Word! Ward off the threat of the rebirth of an ancient tyrant and his undead minions in The Half-Dead City, the first installment in Paizo's Mummy's Mask Adventure Path series, set in the pyramid-laden realm of Osirion, Land of Pharaohs!

03/27/2014 $22.99

Pathfinder Legends: Rise of the Runelords - Burnt Offerings (Audio CD)

Immerse yourself into the dangerous and exciting world of Pathfinder with Paizo's Pathfinder Legends audio dramas, featuring professional actors, sound effects, and music that breathe vivid life into the popular fantasy roleplaying universe!

03/26/2014 $15.99

Warhammer 40K: Apocalypse: War Zone - Damocles

Fight The Apocalypse! Defend the worlds of the Imperium against the unrelenting Tau Empire in War Zone - Damocles, the latest supplement for Games Workshop's massive-scale campaign system, Warhammer 40,000: Apocalypse.

03/25/2014 $33.00

Legend of the Five Rings CCG: Ivory Edition

Honor Is Stronger Than Steel! Choose your clan and fight for peace and the greater glory of Rokugan with AEG's Ivory Edition of the Legend of the Five Rings CCG!

03/24/2014 PI

Exodus: Proxima Centauri

Expansion or Extinction? Build a new empire for humanity on the ashes of an alien civilization in Exodus: Proxima Centauri, NSKN Legendary Games' fast-paced, Euro-style board game of space conquest and exploration.

03/24/2014 $79.99

Dungeon Raiders

The players that slay together, stay together in Passport Game Studios' Dungeon Raiders!

03/21/2014 $19.99

Buccaneer Bones

Sail the seas, discover islands, dig up treasure, and pillage from your neighbors in Buccaneer Bones, Wattsalpoag Games' dicing game of piracy & plunder!

03/21/2014 $9.95

Ars Magica: Hooks

Weave timeless tales of wonder, magic, and mysticism into your Ars Magica Fifth Edition campaigns with the awe-inspiring scenarios introduced in Hooks.

03/20/2014 $22.95

Romolo O Remo

Pursue your ambitions and prevail to become the founder of a new civilization - or an Empire - in Golden Egg Games' Romolo O Remo.

03/20/2014 $79.90

Atlantis: The Second Age RPG Core Rules

Up From The Depths! Explore a strange, wondrous, and sometimes horrific antediluvian age where heroes survive by their wits, courage, and strong sword arms in Khepera Publishing's Atlantis: The Second Age RPG.

03/20/2014 $49.99

Florenza: The Card Game

Outwit your rivals and see your name written in the book of history as the guiding hand of the Renaissance in Golden Egg Games' Florenza: The Card Game.

03/19/2014 $49.90

Warmachine: Vengeance

Exact Vengeance! Punish Your Foes! Answer the call to war with Vengeance, the next thrilling chapter of Privateer Press' Warmachine saga!

03/19/2014 PI

Smash Up: Science Fiction Double Feature Expansion

Cyborg Apes! Super Spies! Shapeshifters! Time Travelers! AEG's Smash Up: Science Fiction Double Feature brings four new groups to the base-smashing business!

03/18/2014 $19.99

Galaxy Defenders: Core Set

You Have Been Chosen! Are You Ready to Fight? Thwart the alien insurgence and save the planet as members of the Galaxy Defenders in Ares Games' cooperative, Sci-Fi miniatures board game.

03/18/2014 $89.90

Kaijudo TCG: 5 Mystics Booster Expansion

Save the World from Destruction! Unleash the 5 Mystics upon your enemies with this booster expansion for Wizards of the Coast's Kaijudo Trading Card Game!

03/17/2014 $95.76

A Game of Thrones LCG: Spoils of War Chapter Pack

The Iron Throne is at stake! Seize your prize and partake of the Spoils of War, the first Chapter Pack in the Conquest and Defiance Cycle for Fantasy Flight's A Game of Thrones: The Card Game!

03/14/2014 $14.95

Marvel HeroClix: Captain America - The Winter Soldier

Who is the mysterious Winter Soldier? Fight alongside Captain America and his allies with Captain America - The Winter Soldier, the latest expansion for WizKids Games' Marvel HeroClix based on the action-packed, blockbuster movie!

03/14/2014 PI

Legendary DBG: Spider-Man Paint the Town Red Expansion

Get Your Spidey-Senses Tingling! Everyone's favorite web-slinger and his amazing friends (and foes!) swing into action in the Paint the Town Red Expansion for Upper Deck's Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game!

03/13/2014 PI

Rivet Wars: Eastern Front

Get In The Fight! Walking tanks, crazy artillery, and cool characters battle in a world full of angst, war-torn camaraderie, and dark humor in the tabletop miniatures game Rivet Wars: Eastern Front.

03/12/2014 $99.99

Android Netrunner LCG: Cyber War Draft Play Starters & Draft Packs

Bring the excitement of draft play to Fantasy Flight's Android: Netrunner with Cyber War Starters and Draft Packs!

03/11/2014 PI

Cthulhu!!!: Hastur La Vista, Baby!

Mythos Mayhem! Thwart the plans of the Cult of Hastur and prevent the King in Yellow's arrival and the world's ruination in Twilight Creation's Cthulhu!!!: Hastur La Vista, Baby!

03/11/2014 $34.99


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