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Des Moines Comic File Service

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As fellow collectors and avid readers, we know how much of a bummer it can be to walk in your shop and find they have sold out of a popular title before you get your copy.

 For over 25 years we have been pulling comics for customers for just this reason.

It's Free !!!

24 hour online access to your file to add or delete titles.

Rate, Preview and
Discuss each issue.

Free Bags and Boards,

Get a 10% Discount on ANYTHING you pull if you subscribe to 10+ titles/month,

and we will make sure you never miss another book again.

All we ask is that you pick it up once a month.



Working together with Comixology we are able to offer the BEST File system that is available.


Besides a 24 hour online File updating system,
Comixology is a place to Preview comics.

Find every comic in the weekly release schedule  
or in the Previews Catalog Listings.

See related titles in a series.

Post comments and share your opinion of every issue.

Write reviews of your favorite items.


 Each issue looks like this with a cover picture, description, release date and price.

Use the green "Pull" button to have only this issue put in your file.

Use the Orange "Subscribe" button to have this and future issues put in your file.

That's it, it's that easy!



in 2 Easy Steps

Step 1.

Become a Comixology Member. Click the link below and sign up.



 Step 2.

Connect yourself to the Mayhem Des Moines Store. Click the link below and while logged in Click "Connect" in the bottom left hand corner.



And That's it! Just head back up to the top and Click on the Login button

to see our Customized Online Comic File System!


If you have any questions or prefer to Add/Delete titles in person,

stop by any Mayhem location and we will be happy to help out!


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