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February 2017

Marvel™ Dice Masters: Iron-Man & War Machine starter sets

From WizKids. The Marvel Dice Masters: Iron Man and War Machine Starter Set features fan-favorite characters like Iron Man, War Machine, Howard Stark, and Rescue, and reveals versions of Iron Man`s armor never-before-seen in Dice Masters! Introducing new spins on eight Marvel heroes (and their dice!), the Marvel Dice Masters: Iron Man and War Machine Starter Set leads the way to blazing dice battles!   MSRP: $19.99


D&D Assault of the Giants Board Game

A Dungeons & Dragons board game designed by Andrew Parks, Assault of the Giants challenges 2-6 players to command one of the six types of giants and claim the right to rule over all giantkind. Command giants and assault settlements to score points and secure important resources, including food, treasure, ore, and runes. Also, pursue special agendas based upon their race - Storm Giants seek to restore their lost monarch, King Hekaton, Cloud Giants covet an ancient dragon treasure trove, and Hill Giants crave an abundance of food with which to feed their massive leader, Chief Guh. Available in a Standard Edition with uniformly colored giants miniatures or a Premium Edition with fully painted miniatures.  MSRP: $79.99


Ticket to Ride: Heart of Africa Expansion, back in stock!

Although not a new release, this expansion has been out of stock at the DSM store until this week. If you have been waiting to add this exciting new map to your base Ticket to Ride game, give us a call and put your name on one of our remaining copies!


Unlock! Escape Adventures

Escape rooms are unique in their ability to delight both thrill-seekers and the logically minded. The rush of the countdown and the intrigue of a good puzzle come together to create fast-paced and immersive adventures which require you to think hard and act fast. With the latest release from Space Cowboys, Unlock!, you can bring this exhilarating experience home!

Unlock! is a series of cooperative escape adventures for up to six players. Each adventure is made up of a sixty-card deck depicting objects, maps, and puzzles. While the free companion app tracks the allotted sixty minutes, players work their way through the card deck, combining cards and solving riddles in order to progress toward the exit. Every set of cards combined and each code entered in the app will progress the game. Whether that’s for better or for worse depends on how careful players are when making those decisions.

In The Formula, players must venture into the tunnels of New York’s subway system in search of an illusive and clever chemist’s laboratory. A number of traps and puzzles will lead them to the valuable serum the doctor was developing, but not before a trapdoor closes behind them and a recording announces that they have sixty minutes before the room self-destructs.

Squeek & Sausage is a cartoon adventure that pits the team of escape artists against Professor Noside as they attempt to stop the evil genius from activating his doomsday device. The professor is no stranger to foiled plots, so his traps are plenty and his puzzles irritatingly difficult. With one hour until the planet is destroyed, you’d really best get moving.

The most challenging of these first three adventures is The Island of Doctor Goorse. A crash-landing leaves all players stranded on an eccentric collector’s island and split into two distant groups. With communications down and only ancient relics to work with, every choice will be twice as valuable - or  twice as damaging - in your attempt to escape before you become just another artifact on the island.


Ogre: 6th Edition

Roll out to do battle at retail stores everywhere, starting in January 2017! Steve Jackson Games is launching Organized Play Programs, and the first game to enter the fray will be Ogre Sixth Edition.

Soon after, SJ Games will launch programs for other classics and hits. In March, you’ll be able to visit your local store to kick down doors, kill monsters, and collect treasure – as Munchkin Organized Play swaggers onto the scene.

And, later in the year, the long-awaited Munchkin Collectable Card Game will swashbuckle its way onto shelves, bringing organized play with it. The CCG will launch with a full suite of competitive formats, so you’ll have plenty of diabolical ways to cheat, bluff, and fight your way to victory.

Go online to for Organized Play updates throughout 2017.



RuneWars: The Miniatures Game

The tramping boots of marching warriors resounds through the forests and fields of Terrinoth. Soon, your players will have the chance to take their places as generals in RuneWars: The Miniatures Game, a rank-and-file miniatures game of epic fantasy battles for two players!

RuneWars: The Miniatures Game gives two players the chance to enter the fantasy realm of Terrinoth as commanders of massive armies, each battling to complete their objectives and destroy their opponent’s forces. Using innovative command tools, players control every aspect of their units’ actions, while elegant rules for both movement and combat keep the game flowing naturally. Two distinct factions offer utterly unique ways to play the game, and because all RuneWars figures come unpainted, players are free to assemble and customize their army however they choose, offering the perfect gateway into the world of Terrinoth.

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