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Mayhem's File Pull Service


Want to keep up with your favorite hero?

Can't get to Mayhem every week? Or maybe you just want to make sure there is a copy waiting for you! 

 With as little as 5 titles a month you can start a file and be guaranteed that the book you want is there when you want it! 

All comics are Bagged & Boarded for FREE and files with over 10 titles a month get a discount.

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MAYHEM is PROUD to present at



He will be signing in Des Moines

Saturday, MAY 3rd at 10AM and

later that day at MAYHEM AMES.

FCBD T-Shirts (Designed by

Skottie) will be on sale as well as

his FCBD poster!!! Pre- orders

(save 10%) are on sale at both

stores!!! Limited time only!




Skottie has been illustrating comic books

for Marvel since 2001 on such titles as New

X-Men, Venom, Spider-Man, Human Torch,

Wonderful Wizard of Oz and many more.


Over the last few years he has started to try

his hand at writing on a few titles at Marvel

as well. (X-Men: Divided We Stand, X-Men:

Manifest Destiny, Monster of Frankenstein).

He is currently developing a few children's

books on the side of his comic work and

hopes to bring those out in 2014.

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