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Pokemon Mayhem Madness Tournament at the Ames Mayhem!

Do not miss this super fun tournament with Double Crisis Pokémon cards. This tournament is similar to a prerelease because you will receive 8 sealed booster packs of Double Crisis. You will be given time to build a 40 card deck. The basic energies you need for your 40 card deck will be supplied. Once you completed your deck you must declare your allegiance to Team Magma (you used only Team Magma Pokémon in your 40 card deck), Team Aqua (you used only Team Aqua), or Team Unity (you used both Magma and Aqua Pokémon). Everyone will play Swiss rounds and the top four finishers will be able to select one special Pokémon gear from the prize pool (Prize pool includes: 2 Gardevoir playmats; 2 deck boxes with sleeves; and 2 Pokémon caps). Prizes for other players than the top 4 are dependent upon size of the event.

There is a twist for this event. The combined results from all Swiss rounds for the teams (Magma, Aqua, and Unity) will be calculated and a winning team will be announced. Each member of the winning team will receive additional prizes. These prizes will be regular Pokémon booster packs and perhaps some special cards. So you choice of teams will be important for your deck and your prizes.


Registration starts at 12:30 PM and ends at 1:00 PM with the tournament shortly after. There will be 30 minutes to build your deck before the first round of pairing will be posted.

Saturday May 23, 2015

Located at the Ames Mayhem

Registration Fee is $30.00 per player





Commander Pods at Mayhem Ames!

4 person multi-player pods (free-for-all)

DCI Commander Banned List Rules

Every 3rd Saturday of the month at 1:00 pm

Last person to survive in pod earns 5 points, 2nd place gets 3 points, 3rd gets 1 point, and the first one out gets 0 points

Similar point values play each other in the next round, similar to a Swiss pairing tournament





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