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Eldritch Moon Pre-Releases at Mayhem!


All weekend long Ames and DSM will be running Eldritch Moon Flights:


Des Moines

July 15th / 16th - Midnight $25 Sealed
July 16th - Midnight $25 Sealed
July 16th - Noon $25 Sealed

July 16th - 2 PM $25 Sealed- This flight will only be 4 rounds and prizes will be skins to make sure we are done by 7 PM for 2HG.

July 16th - 7 PM Two Headed Giant $50 Sealed ($25 per head)

July 17th - Noon $25 Sealed
July 17th - 3 PM $25 Sealed



July 16th - 12:01 am, 12 pm and 6 pm $25 Sealed

July 17th - Noon (Regular Sealed) $25

July 17th - 6 pm Two Headed Giant $50 Sealed


That spooky mood lines everything about Eldritch Moon. We may have solved the mystery, but that just means Emrakul's madness is in full effect. Horrors and terrors will abound.

There will also be dice.

But the coolest piece of all is the premium foil, double-faced Zombie tokens that look a bit like this:



Don't worry, each Prerelease kit also includes a premium foil rare or mythic rare from the

set -- it's a premium bonanza! 


But you have to wait.


The drawback to a sneak peek is that you have to wait for the real thing.




Available Now !!!

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